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Make Your Own Picture
This site has three simple games aimed at children aged under 10.

There are three sets of games based on a "Mix-and-Match" idea. You can make different sorts of FACES, different SPACE SHIPS and different UNDER SEA pictures.

The UNDER SEA pictures are the easiest to do and are aimed at young children who may not understand the Mix-and-Match idea. In this game you simply populate your "aquarium" with up to six different fish. There are 63 possible combinations plus a secret 64th picture!

The other two games are slightly more complicated but still suitable for young children. Both rely on building up pictures from different elements.

FACES allows you to choose a face, eyes, nose and mouth. There are nearly 7,000 combinations possible.

SPACE SHIPS has three different kinds of space ship with combinations of top, middle and bottom allowing up to 27 different spaceships in each of the three categories.

The site was designed for 1024 by 768 pixel screen resolution with at least 256 colours. It should be OK on lower resolution settings, but more scrolling will be necessary.

Click on the Jack-in-the-Box to go to the start page, and then click on one of the pictures down the left hand side to go one one of the three game play areas.

Font banner This site was developed as part of a Masters degree in computing as a project which looked at usability issues for children aged between 6 and 10. I would be very interested in any feedback you have about this site. Click here to e-mail me.

These games should work with any browser

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