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Downloading and installing the Kids font

When you click on the font download button below you will be asked if you want to pick an application or save the file.
Choose "save file" and make a note of the local directory folder.
Once the file has downloaded you will need to "unzip" it using an application such as PKZip or Winzip.

Once you have unzipped the file (as "kids.ttf") you should copy it to your fonts directory.
In Windows 3.x this is usually c:\windows\system.
In Windows 95 this is usually c:\windows\fonts.

If you have Windows 3.x you will need to install the font.
You do this by running "Control Panel" and choosing "Fonts".
Click on "Add" and select the relevant directory folder.
This will load a list of all the fonts in that folder.
Scroll down until you see the entry "Kids [True Type]".
Click on it and then on "OK" to install it.

For Windows 95 you only have to copy it to the fonts directory!

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